Dosilicon was founded on November 26, 2014, by Shanghai Wenqi Investment Co., Ltd, which is a subsidiary of East Hengxin Capital Holdings Limited. Dosilicon is a Chinese semiconductor design company , mainly engaged in memory chip (MEMORY) R & D and sales.


Oriental Hengxin Capital Holdings Limited is a trans-regional and cross industry investment holding group. The group has nearly 20 enterprises, which core enterprise and main related enterprises has developed into a comprehensive industrial group involving energy and mineral resources investment, infrastructure investment , textile and chemical fiber production and petroleum chemical trade. In recent years, it is committed to the development of environmental science and semiconductor chip industry . It gradually formed a diversified industrial group that combing traditional industries and high-tech industries. Oriental Hengxin Capital Holdings Limited has regional headquarters and industrial base in Shanghai, Suzhou and Hongkong, it investment and holding a number of listed companies at home and abroad.

Dosilicon successful acquisition of Fidelix, a leading semiconductor manufacturer in South Korea in April 2015. Now Dosilicon has become its largest shareholder and actual controller. Fidelix was founded in August 2000. It was a South Korea's GEM listed company (stock code 032580), mainly engaged in R & D and sales of memory chips of NAND FLASH, NOR FLASH and SDR/DDR. Its main customer groups are Samsung, LG, Fujitsu, CISCO and other international well-known manufacturers. Fidelix is one of the world's leading MEMORY Fabless (NO production line memory chip) design company, enjoying a high reputation in the MEMORY industry (especially in the field of NAND FLASH).

Dosilicon is committed to R&D and sales of advanced process of NAND FLASH through China and South Korea technical exchanges and cooperation.we given our all to improve the China design and development capabilities in the MEMORY industry and contribute to the goal of the IC design capability of the National IC industry to reach the international advanced level.

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