Product Center Mainly engaged in self memory products R&D and sale
a non-volatile storage technology, high density, low cost, long life, suitable for massive data operation
a non-volatile memory technology, with easy to operate, suitable for small data operation
a dynamic random access memory,with capacitance memory cell which could storage data by continually refreshing
a package technology, vertical stacking with different classes of memory, significantly save PCB space
About us / About us
Dosilicon was founded on November 26, 2014, by Shanghai Wenqi Investment Co., Ltd, which is a subsidiary of East Hengxin Capital Holdings Limited. Dosilicon is a Chinese semiconductor design company , mainly engaged in memory chip (MEMORY) R & D and sales.Oriental Hengxin Capital Holdings Limited is a trans-regional and cross industry investment holding group. The group has nearly 20 enterprises, which core enterprise and main related enterprises has developed into a comprehensive industrial group involving energy and mineral resources investment, infrastructure investment , textile and chemical fiber production and petroleum chemical trade. In recent years, it is committed to the development of environmental science and semiconductor chip industry . It gradually formed a diversified industrial group that combing traditional industries and high-tech industries. Oriental Hengxin Capital Holdings Limited has regional headquarters and industrial base in Shanghai, Suzhou and Hongkong, ...
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